Application Process and Guidelines

  • A $30.00 application fee (cash or money order only) is required for each applicant over the age of 18 (including co-signers). This fee is a non-refundable administration cost to cover the application processing costs. Applications are good for 60 days.
  • All applications must include a copy of each applicant’s ID.
  • Applicants with an unpaid eviction or owing past-due rent will not be approved.
  • The number of occupants is limited to 2 persons per bedroom plus 1 additional person.

Normal time for processing rental applications is 3-5 days. However if your application is inaccurate, incomplete or if verification calls are not returned, processing time may be delayed. If any other application(s) are received for the same property while your application is in process, delays many occur.

Each vacancy is owned by individually, each with a unique set of standards and goals. If you have any application questions about a specific property, please call 562-206-3426 or email.

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